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2012 RObot

We made our first robot in 2012. It was a huge success and won championships all over the world.

2013 Robot

2013 was the second year we built a robot. Click for more details.

2014 Robot

2014 was another year when we enjoyed a lot of success.

2015 Robot

2015 Robot last year was not such a great success you can still look at it though.


We are building a working R2D2. Buy it.


Small team - big impact.

Since its inception eight years ago, Team #2945 was a trailblazer in every sense of the word. Its host school, Manitou Springs High, had nothing to do with engineering. Yet there they were, a handful of kids in a tiny school, knowing full well they had no clue what they were doing but still willing to try.

Over the years, the team leveled at only about ten members, not much of a surprise considering how small Manitou itself is. Yet the change it made grew more apparent with each passing year - FIRST teams sprung up overnight in the middle and elementary schools, a robotics summer camp snuck its way into the district, teachers began to get approval for an engineering curriculum. Fast forward to 2016 - the student-led team is still going strong, all schools in the district have a thriving robotics team, and Manitou Springs High has classes in STEM, structural engineering, and even the newly introduced robotics. That's not something most small schools can say, and it's all thanks to the initiative of the Steel Mustangs.

We are not the biggest, or the strongest. We are lacking in numbers and resources alike. But we pride ourselves in our tenacity - even with our disadvantages, we have participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition every year since we began, and we always give it our all. We have paved the road for our district's robotics programs, and then some. We have sent our students off with a passion that has allowed them to start teams in new schools, landed them in innovative jobs and universities, and even return to us as mentors or remain a part of the team from miles away. For all our size, our accomplishments are nothing to laugh at.

Our Team

Meet the Mustangs!
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Todd Reavis

Mr. Reavis is an engineer that can’t stop. He is a long time employee of Boeing in software and security engineering and has degrees from Virginia Tech and Carnegie Mellon University. Next project: build humanoid robotic football teams and to start the Robotics Football League. Go Broncos!!
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John Ryan

Mr. Ryan is the STEM Engineer at Manitou Springs High School. Prior to becoming a teacher he was an Aerospace Engineer in the Air Force and defense industry. His class Wiki page is here.
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Emmett Hawkins was a FIRST Robotics Team 2945 member during high school and has returned as a mentor for the past two years. Additionally, he is an MSHS alumni and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at UCCS.
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Callysta Caraballo

Team Captain, Project Management
I like reading, Netflix and the Japanese language. Outside of robotics I study Japanese, watch movies and eat unhealthy foods.
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Cicada Dawn

Website, Outreach, Graphic Design, Awards
Joined the team to work on a robot. Has not touched the robot once. They spend their free time coding, acting, and acquiring as much useless knowledge as possible.
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Krona Emmanuel

Technology, CAD
Exchange student, loves designing cars, music and tech stuff. Dreams to be a car designer one day.
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Tyler Jungbauer

Manipulator, Awards
I have helped build the rhino tracks and intercede with the awards. I love English, writing, and nature. When I am not in robotics, I enjoy writing, reading, philosophy and discussion, and nature.
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Isaac Patterson

I love soccer, science, and engineering. Outside of robotics I tend to cook, eat, and practice massage therapy.
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Caleb Van Dale

Manipulator, Rhino Tracks, Chassis
I enjoy my art, which is my passion, writing and reading, healthy doses of good movies, and Dr. Who.
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Ryan Strickland

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Gunner Marquadt

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Spencer Briggs-Hale

Field Elements
I joined the team because of a life long love of robots. In my free time I am a coder and woodworker.
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Ben Perkins

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Grayson McKenzie

Mechanics, Construction
Fan of Legos, Minecraft, and the engineering field.
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John Clune

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Dorian Perez

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