Daily Summary: Wednesday, 1/13/16

We spent most of the day discussing possibilities for the robot design, and fleshing out details. The most notable accomplishment was a discussion about priorities – crossing defenses is our first, but as of today we had not decided on a second priority. Shooting, defending, and climbing were the three candidates.

Priorities, as well as some detail concepts.

We concluded that we would need three manipulator systems if we wanted to do everything – one to climb, open defenses, and defend; one to shoot; and one to pick up boulders. We discussed the possibility of having a lift/hold/drive addition on the pickup system as well.

Rough diagram of the robot.

More precise drawing of the robot, with some detail.

Todd talked to a compound bow company which will sponsor us and build a shooting mechanism, if we design it first. We originally intended to buy materials and do it ourselves, but we don’t have the tools. We also know that Upcreek has contacted the same company, so they likely have the same idea we do.

While we have decided to use the Rhino Track treads, they may not come in for another few weeks, so in the meantime our focus is to work with pneumatic wheels, but make it so that we can easily transport the robot from the wheels to the treads when they come.

Finally, we have an outreach team this year that’s mainly made up of Cicada, Tyler, and Krona. They’re in charge of the website, social media, community events, sponsorship, and awards. Of course, the rest of the team can still contribute to any of these if they have ideas – let’s make this year’s focus on more than just the robot!

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