Daily Summary: Tuesday, 1/19/16

The group split into teams to tackle different issues – the manipulator cage, shooting subsystem, acquisition subsystem, climbing subsystem, electronics, and not robot-related (such as field elements and social media). While we did get a lot of work done, the scattered nature of it means that I can’t provide an accurate summary of everything. An[…]

Daily Summary: Thursday, 1/14/16

Today, we reconsidered our priorities in terms of ranking points. From highest to lowest, the new order is driving over defenses, shooting, climbing, and defending. We discussed the frame and dimensions, and concluded the best course of action would be a nanotube cage with internal shooting and climbing mechanisms. Finally, a few of the team[…]

Daily Summary: Wednesday, 1/13/16

We spent most of the day discussing possibilities for the robot design, and fleshing out details. The most notable accomplishment was a discussion about priorities – crossing defenses is our first, but as of today we had not decided on a second priority. Shooting, defending, and climbing were the three candidates. We concluded that we would need three[…]